Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions from Signbox Microsystems align closely with the requirements of key industries like Transportation, Financial Institutions, Entertainment and  Fast Food Menu Boards.
Digital Signage Solutions
Digital signage and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising are quickly becoming a popular, and often essential, method of communication across nearly all industries.

Signbox Microsystems develop digital signage solutions software and modules in alignment with the requirements of key industries –particularly for Financial Services, Transportation and Entertainment.

Our focus industries have always demanded an extremely high standard of system and network security, complex hardware integration, customisation and real-time interactivity.

Signbox Microsystems digital signage solutions are robust and flexible and are now widely installed in Hospitality, RetailCorporate & Government and many other sectors.


Financial Financial Services - Nowhere does information change more rapidly or dramatically than in the financial services sector. Keeping bank customers and employees up to date is not just a challenge, it’s an industry requirement. Watching high definition images and video messages that are current, relevant or even entertaining will enhance a customer’s perception […]
Transportation Transportation - Things happen departure times change. Flights and trains arrive late. Buses are too full to take any more passengers, or they’ve broken down five miles from the depot. These things happen every day in the transportation industry, and frustrating while they may be, keeping customers informed is critical to prevent a […]
Government Public and Government - Highly visible, clear messages on public digital signage screens are the most effective means of communicating with a target audience, and signbox Microsystems offers digital signage solutions that instantly deliver real-time information, when and where it’s required. Delivering timely information is critical across all corporate and government sectors. Government agencies […]
retail digital signage Retail - From advertising new products to relaying weather and traffic alerts to customers in store, a Signbox retail digital signage solution is a dynamic and cost-effective way to get your message across. The centralised deployment functions of a Signbox Microsystems retial digital signage solution allow a signage network to be managed […]
Hospitality F&B and QSRs - Restaurants, bars and fast food outlets (QSRs) are heavy users of digital signage.  Our QSR digital signage solutions provide reliable and cost effective ways to communicate with your customers. Our QSR digital signage is easy to use so updates and local specials can be done at the local venue while […]
hotel digital signage Hotels - Old-fashioned notice boards no longer suffice when it comes to communicating with visitors to any hospitality venue. A Signbox hotel digital display solution can act as a virtual concierge, telling guests of amenities and local attractions.  In-room displays promote restaurants, spas and in-house boutiques. With the use of the signEvent […]
Entertainment Cinema - Since 2004, Signbox Microsystems has been working with the biggest names in the cinema industry to ensure audiences don’t have to be in their seats before being captivated by what’s on screen. Flashing images and colourful lights attract people’s attention more so than static notice boards ever could. Displaying pertinent […]