Product Description

Various hardware devices can be attached to your Signbox digital signage network with the addition of the signHardware add-on module.   

The signHardware package expands the digital signage network functionality to include access to external apparatus such as barcode scanners, magnetic strip readers and radio frequency identification (RFID) devices as well as SMS gateways and nearly all queing systems.  signHardware allow your signBox digital signage platform to communicate with pretty much any device that uses an RS-232 interface.  

RFID tags are being increasingly used to identify products through radio waves transmitted to an RFID device. 

Customers benefit from the installation of a signHardware add-on, because they can access additional information from a single location.  Bar code scanners allow customers to check prices without asking a staff member.  Magnetic strip readers can be used for everything from credit card payments to swiping loyalty cards. 

Available interfaces

      • Bar code scanner
      • SMS gateway
      • RFID reader
      • Magnetic strip reader
      • Queing system interface
      • LED light box
      • Pretty much anything with an RS-232 interface
signHardware digital signage system diagram





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