Digital Signage In F&B and QSRs. A consistently vital aspect of any enterprise, is communicating what is available to the customer. Food and Beverage (F&B) businesses are by no means different, with the same going for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). How effectively and lucratively menus can be conveyed to potential customers, is a matter of life in this trade.

Moreover, given the huge growth in Digital Signage In F&B and QSRs trade over the last thirty years, and the accompanying competitive climate, it is increasingly important for F&B providers to differentiate themselves, in order to stand out to customers.

Why You Shouldn’t Use “Free” Digital Signage


As new technologies become more ubiquitous in day to day life, people become accustomed to them, and their expectations of their surroundings gradually change. For example, after a few outlets employ a certain technology, it is gradually expected as standard, by subconscious public consensus.

The F&B and QSR industries are no exceptions to this phenomenon. As various other industries move towards the use of digital signage, audiences come to perceive it as a symbol of modernity and professionalism of a business environment.


  • Dayparting, Active Pricing
  • Provide Health and Nutrition Information
  • Enhance Drive Thoughs
  • Enhance Visual Appeal
  • Anonymous Video Analytics (See signEye for more details)

Return On Investment

  • Falling Total Cost of Ownership

Digital Signage is now more affordable than ever, and trends show that the cost is only set to fall (especially with the labour costs involved)

  • Direct Returns: Examples and Experience

As detailed in this case study, Digital Signage has been demonstrably producing sales lifts and other direct benefits. A case study is included giving details of an experiment conducted to see the effects of digital signage in F&B (Food and Beverage) and QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) outlets.

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