Digital signage hospitality. Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media has become an increasingly popular marketing tool in the hospitality industry – and for good reason, because old-fashioned notice boards no longer suffice when it comes to communicating with visitors.

Initially just found in hotel rooms as “hotel channels”, digital signs were used to display information to guests about hotel facilities, local restaurants and attractions. Today, digital signage has ventured out of the hotel room and made it into the lobby, and we’re now seeing more uses for DOOH within all areas of the hospitality sector. Hospitality businesses come in many shapes and forms, and luckily, digital signage is such a flexible medium that it can meet the needs of a wide range of venues.

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Many hotels now use digital signs as a virtual concierge: directing guests to conference rooms, the bar, restaurants, on-site leisure facilities or reception areas. Digital signage technology lends itself well to wayfinding, which is why it’s also become a standard feature in most casinos, cruise ships and convention centres.

But DOOH media has many other uses. Restaurants and bars increasingly make use of digital signs to promote specials, advertise new menu items or inform customers when their order is ready. Then there are interactive digital kiosks, which allow customers access to real-time information, event tickets, dinner renovations, and much more.

One of the big advantages of using digital signage within the hospitality industry is the ability to replace printed materials, reducing both wastage and printing costs. This is particularly useful for businesses that frequently change their content: you can update a digital sign whenever you want, as frequently as you want, without incurring additional costs. As a result, it is much easier to keep marketing and advertising fresh, new and timely.

Digital signage is an asset in all sectors, but it’s particularly useful in an industry that is all about communicating with its customers.

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