Digital signage modules are add-ons that provide extra functionality to your standard digital platform. They can provide several benefits ranging from content scheduling functionality to advanced reporting metrics. There are also modules targeted at specific industries. Let’s look at a few of them.

Social Media Integration: signFB

Connecting your company to social media platforms has never been more important, which is why signFB is such a critical add-on to any digital signage system. signFB allows you to display your Facebook page across your entire digital display system. Not only does this add-on provide your customers with critical business information such as your company’s logo, address, phone number and important links, it also engages young people by promoting a more modern and up-to-date vibe.

Digital Signage Modules: Where Technology Meets Versatility

signCine: Getting the Right Information to you Customers, Faster

The signCine add-on connects your venue management system or ticketing database to an intuitive data platform, allowing you to organize and display only the most important information to your customers. It also provides theatres and cinemas with enough flexibility to add their own messages, logos, and otherwise personalize their screens in any way, shape or form.

Entertainment with signLive

The signLive add-on is an entertainment solution that helps keep impatience at bay in a busy waiting room. signLive streams live TV onto either the entire screen or just a part of it, so if a queue system is present, it can still be displayed. Digital signage modules such as this particular add-on becomes even more useful if there are children present. Keeping them engaged takes the edge off of a long wait, which benefits both child and parent.

signLive will also keep your customers up to date on the latest news story, sports results, or weather changes.

signSMS Gets Information to Your Clients Faster Than Ever

Sometimes businesses need to get information to their clients as quickly as possible. Whether there is a delay or a change in plans, sending this information to your customers quickly can spell the difference between keeping and losing a customer. With signSMS, your company can display a text message on one or all of your digital signage screens. This ensures that your customers are always in the loop and know exactly what is going on.

There are many other add-on solutions that will increase the flexibility and utility of your digital signage system, and putting them to good use will improve your company’s productivity and keep your customers happy.

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