There are a wide variety of applications available when you choose digital signage facial recognition software for your business in Australia.

At Signbox Microsystems, we believe you should be able to reach your target audience and accurately track your benchmarks when it comes to your marketing and advertising goals. If you already use digital signage software and products, you may be wondering if there is a better way to target, track and measure with different technology. One solution that our customers enjoy using to measure statistical data and stay ahead of market trends is our facial recognition signage using our signEye product.

Digital Signage Facial Recognition in Australia

There are a wide variety of applications available when you choose digital signage facial recognition software, and you may find that this solution will pay back your business in Australia in dividends. We have provided a few of the key benefits, including:

  • Make easy adjustments to your digital signage system with digital signage facial recognition software. Our product easily integrates with your current digital signage, making a no-fuss transition and convenient usage options.
  • You’ll enjoy an improved ability to measure success rates of your marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as make necessary adjustments when your numbers are not on target.
  • Gather improved demographic information about the number of potential customers exploring your products and services. Signage facial recognition software is the perfect audience measurement tool for a variety of locations and applications.

When you choose our digital signage products at Signbox Microsystems, you will find that the solutions for your business in Australia are just one click away. We offer pilot programs to help you better create the solutions you need and will help you integrate our digital signage solutions with your current software so you achieve the best results. Whether you are upgrading or working to stay ahead of the latest trends, we are equipped to help you at every stage.

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