Digital Signage Solutions For Banks. Due to the nature of the financial industry keeping employees and customers up to date is crucial. That is why Signbox Microsystems has developed a secure digital signage solution for banks/financial services in Singapore and abroad. Our customers integrate both marketing solutions and operations such as queue numbers to inform customers via their digital screens.

Watching high-definition images and video messages enhance a customer’s perception of their surroundings and lead to a more positive experience. This means the customer is more likely to return and recommend the financial service centre to family, friends, colleagues and customers.

Financial institutions and banks often have branches scattered around the globe. We allow digital signage networks to be managed from a single internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. In addition, messages can be tailored and directed to different screens at different times, even within the same signage network, so the right information gets to the right people.

Advantages of Digital Signage Solutions For Banks


It is our unending goal to assist in the protection of financial data. That’s why we’ve developed security solutions that protect private data, and our software is regularly tested and approved by our banking client’s web application security checklist.


Because of the different branch locations, the software allows ‘grouping’ for the digital screens. For example, the group can be done for example by North, South, East, etc. This means the user can target their marketing collateral according to the trends and environment of the area surrounding the branch.

Library Storage

Instead of the customer using their own file transferring server or other third party software, we allow the user to save created content inside the library which can be shared across all users. This process saves time and lets admin users vet the uploaded content immediately.

User Accessibility

The flexibility of this software enables the administrator to create users under them with different access levels. For example, there could be users who are only allowed to post collaterals/content into the library but not publish live into the digital signage screens, or users who can create a playlist and edit the contents. Ultimately, only certain administrators are allowed to see through the playlist and publish it live to the screens. This feature ensures content does not get published without the supervision of administrators.

digital signage screen

Playlist Content

Users can create a playlist and roll out the marketing content inside it once published to the screen(s). The gives the user the ability to schedule content ahead of time, while only allowing certain contents to play at certain times. The format of contents is usually JPEG/JPG/PNG, Mp4/MOV/WMV. They could also link up HTML pages or webpages to be shown on the screens!


In conclusion, Signbox Microsystems offer complete digital signage solutions for banks or financial services. These customers use our software for increased security and efficiency by using a server-based software to push down in a matter of seconds!

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