Signage is at the heart of the transportation industry. After all, bus stops, railway stations, docks and airports all need to have clear, easily accessible timetables in order to operate effectively. With the growing popularity of digital signage, more and more transportation businesses are now turning away from static traditional signage, which can be rather dull and boring, to Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Media. These digital signs create bolder, vivid and more dynamic displays, allowing commuters to see travel information at a glance.

Digital Signage Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Besides timetables, transportation companies often also need to give their customers other information. For example, passengers waiting for their flights at the airport will need updates on departure times, delays and gate changes. Using digital signage, these updates can be given in real-time and changed at the touch of a button.

Similarly, reminders not to leave luggage unattended and emergency messages can all be managed over a digital signage network and deployed quickly from a central computer. Digital signage software gives you the option to distribute content to all of your terminals, a group of displays or just one screen within a network, providing national and local information as and when is needed.

This flexibility is where digital signage comes into its own, and highlights why it’s the perfect solution for the transportation industry. There’s always an element of the unpredictable in this line of business: roadwork hold up busses, trains get delayed, flights can get grounded due to bad weather and there can also be trouble at sea. These are daily challenges faced by all transportation companies, and while passengers don’t want to hear that a train or bus is running late, it’s vital that you keep them informed with regular updates. But remember: all of this information is useless if customers can’t see it or don’t even notice it.

That’s why all of your information should be as eye-catching as possible and very easy to read. Travellers don’t want to have to search for information – they want it laid out clearly where they expect to see it. Above all, travellers need accurate information, and this is part of your job as well as getting them safely from A to B in good time. Travelling can be stressful, so anything you can do to make it easier will build customer loyalty in the long run.

For an example of how Signbox digital signage solutions can be used in the transportation industry, have read of this case study.

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