Our QSR digital signage solutions in Singapore give you more control over what displays on your menu boards.

What if your restaurant could display the menus, specials and advertisements in digital format with clear, colourful displays? Would you prefer using a system that you can update in real-time? At Signbox Microsystems, we know thinking about the future of your business’ signage can make a big difference in the way your consumers see your business in today’s digital age. So, when it comes to QSR (bars and restaurants) digital signage in Singapore, we have the solutions for you, SignCloud.

QSR Digital Signage in Singapore

Not only do our QSR digital signage solutions give you more control over what displays on your menu boards, but they also give you the ability to reach out to your customers from the head office all the way down to the local level. At Signbox Microsystems, we provide multiple options when you would like to explore what QSR digital signage can do for your business.

  • Ease-of-Use Cloud Based Platform
  • Slots for External Advertising (for example DOOH)
  • CMS System Compatibility & Training
  • Real-Time Update Capability & Flexibility
  • Cost-Effective Content Solutions
  • Reliable Customer Communication

At Signbox Microsystems, we can also assist with your upgrade when you are ready to enhance your signage at every stage. Our compatible systems will make it easy for you to communicate with your customers at every level while enjoying branding and advertising opportunities.

If you have questions about our QSR digital signage solutions and would like to advance your business’ communication channels, contact us today at Signbox Microsystems. With a range of digital signage options to meet your needs and the expertise and training options you require for your upgrade, we know you and your customers will see the difference.

QSR Digital Signage
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