Digital Signage Trends. We’re now a few months into the new year and after an interesting 2012, we’re all looking ahead to what 2013 will bring to digital signage and DOOH.

So far, it looks as though two major trends are emerging. Firstly, we expect to see more and more retail outlets transitioning to digital destinations. The second trend involves changes in IT architecture to support omnichannel marketing. We know both trends are going to have a huge, positive impact on in-store DOOH – it’s just a question of how quickly and when.

But there are more digital signage trends that are set to play a big role in 2013, so let’s have a closer look at what the rest of the year may bring.

Digital destinations. Savvy shoppers are browsing real-life stores and then ordering goods online for less. In some cases, consumers are even ordering from a competitor, whilst in the store on their smart phones using the retailer’s Wi-Fi! In 2013, this “showrooming” effect will be countered with digital destinations that offer forms of interactive entertainment, cleverly combining digital signage, email and mobile. Creating digital destinations has proven to boost sales and brand loyalty by increasing engagement and improving the in-store experience.

IT Infrastructure. As omnichannel marketing becomes an industry standard, businesses will need to revise their IT infrastructure to ensure it can support all aspects of their marketing campaigns, including digital signage.

Interactive content. The importance of content continues to grow this year. Whether we’re talking traditional marketing or online and digital signage campaigns, the quality of content will play an increasingly significant role. In 2013, we’re expecting to see an increasing focus on interactive digital signage and touch screens, so content will need to become a lot more interactive. Some industry experts have even speculated on whether we will begin to see exciting technologies such as virtual reality DOOH making a debut this year…

Ad expenditure:  The amount of money spent on DOOH advertising is at an all time high. We expect this to continue throughout the year, with companies competing to engage consumers with innovative new digital signage campaigns.

It’s estimated that the number of digital signage screens worldwide could hit 5 million in 2013! It will be exciting to see what the coming months will bring.

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