The Situation:

Foodology is an F&B (Food and Beverage) company. Inside MBFC (Marina Bay Financial Centre) is the company’s first arm in the retail sector. Spanning a massive 8,000 sqm at Tower three of MBFC. The outlet will consist of 9 separate restaurants, each offering highly accomplished food at reasonable everyday prices.

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Foodology - F&B

This massive project at MBFC (Marina Bay Financial Centre) Tower three consists of fifty floors and six hundred thousand square feet of office space, even excluding Towers one and two. This means there will be a foot fall, especially during lunch hours.

The Challenge – Foodology – F&B

  • Menus to be seen quickly and precisely due to the busy working customers in a rush during their lunch hours;
  • Replace and improve on traditional static menus and adverts;
  • The ability to make real time changes to menus, providing the added benefit to change menus throughout the day, also known as ‘day-parting’;
  • Reduce cost in human labour as well as printing costs, compared to other competitors.
  • drive increased sales revenues and focus on promotional offers to improve sell through rate.

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