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News, digital signage Communication Digital Displays (11/15/2011) - Signbox can supply and install a wide variety of commercial-grade LCD, LED and plasma digital displays for use in single or matrix layouts.
News, digital signage Communication Can the Signbox digital signage system support and manage SMIL screens? (8/16/2012) - This post explores "can the Signbox digital signage system support and manage SMIL screens too?". To learn the answer, read this post!
News, digital signage Communication Digital Signage Solutions at the 2012 Olympics (8/22/2012) - This year, digital signage solutions played centre‐stage at the Olympics. Here are some great examples. Click to see!
News, digital signage Communication Signbox attends Nexcom Asia Pacific Partner event (8/27/2012) - Last week, the Signbox team visited Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, where the first Nexcom Asia Pacific Partner event was being held. Signbox were the main digital signage solution provider in attendance and we were able to share insight into particular trends in the digital out of home (DOOH) market. On […]
News, digital signage Communication What’s the best DVI cable for a high-quality digital signage install? (8/27/2012) - This web post is dedicated to the question What's the best DVI cable for a high-quality digital signage install?
News, digital signage Communication Boot (8/28/2012) - Outdoor advertising near roads is nothing new, but digital signage has long been restricted/boot from motorways in NSW, Australia.
entertainment, DOOH media Five Tips to Get DOOH Media Working for your Business (9/8/2012) - Digital signage and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media advertising has become popular and essential method of communication across industries.
News, digital signage Communication Signbox talks video walls with the Sauber F1 team (9/20/2012) - It’s Formula 1 time in Singapore and to kick the week of in style, NEC hosted an intimate event to celebrate their 35th Birthday in the region, at Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. If you’re info F1 like us, keep reading! Visited by the Sauber F1 team, the event […]
News, digital signage Communication Mobile Marketing’s Impact on Digital Signage Marketing (9/22/2012) - Smartphones have changed the face of mobile communications. Have you noticed how often people look at their phones? This isn’t a trend that will quickly blow over either. As mobile technology progresses, people’s engagement with their phones will invariably follow suit. If predictions are correct, mobile devices could replace using […]
3D digital signage technology an emerging solution 3D digital signage technology an emerging solution (9/28/2012) - 3D digital signage. Today’s visual landscape is more cluttered and distracting than ever before – and it can be difficult to compete in this environment. Embracing new digital signage technology.before your competitors can help you stay one step ahead and distinguish your message from the ‘visual white noise’. Engaging viewers […]
News, digital signage Communication Volvo use interactive digital signage advertising campaign (10/5/2012) - The digital signage solutions space is rapidly changing, so it’s important to keep up with emerging trends and learn from the latest digital content strategies. Leading the charge is Volvo digital signage! A good example is Volvo’s latest digital signage campaign for the new V40, which enables the public to […]
News, digital signage Communication How green is digital signage? (10/7/2012) - Not being “green”/environmentally friendly could be turning potential customers away from your business - so how green is digital signage?
News, digital signage Communication How can retailers get the most out of digital signage? (10/11/2012) - Retailer advertising has always been a popular area and in today’s world of online commerce and internet shopping, brick & mortar retailers need to pull out all the stops in order to meet sales goals. Digital signage can help – but how can retailers use this technology to its full […]
News, digital signage Communication Cinema digital signage project coming to life (10/17/2012) - We're excited to offer you a peak into our project in Australia that will see some new features in the cinema digital signage industry.
News, digital signage Communication Coming soon… using digital signage for the retail industry in Singapore (10/19/2012) - Here’s a great pic from our latest digital signage project in Singapore at a new retail space. The digital signage solution uses Intel’s innovative, cutting-edge Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) technology, which allows for standardised PC-based players to slot directly into the back of the digital display screens. With an OPS […]
News, digital signage Communication Optimise your Digital Signage Strategy by Going Social (10/22/2012) - Many businesses now run a social media marketing campaign alongside their digital signage marketing. To lear more, read this post!
Interactive and touch-screen digital displays (11/1/2012) - Like all technologies, digital signage is constantly evolving. The most common digital signage approach uses traditional static digital message boards, but a new trend is quickly emerging: interactive touch-screen digital displays. Interactive signs are more engaging than static signs and allow you to provide more content to your audience, as […]
News, digital signage Communication Using Digital Signage for Internal Communication (11/5/2012) - Digital signage internal communication is a great way to market your products/ services to potential customers and increase brand awareness.
Digital Signage Solutions for the Transportation Industry Digital Signage Solutions for the Transportation Industry (11/9/2012) - Digital signage is critical to the transportation industry with more businesses now turning away from static traditional signage
News, digital signage Communication How Digital Signage started a dance revolution in South Korea (11/14/2012) - If you want to know what the future could hold for DOOH campaigns, the global soft drink giant Coca-Cola digital signage is incredible.
Digital signage solutions for the visually impaired (11/25/2012) - Digital signage technology is quickly evolving, but so are the ideas for its many different potential uses and applications. We’re already seeing animated content, multimedia capabilities, interactivity and the potential of digital signs using 3D technology – so what’s next? Well, how about digital signage for the visually impaired? It […]
Dental clinics go social with digital signage Dental clinics go social with digital signage (12/19/2012) - With the growing popularity of DOOH media, dentist digital signage seem to be springing up all over the place - including dentists' offices!
hotel_digital_signage Digital signage in the hospitality industry (12/22/2012) - Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media has become an increasingly popular marketing tool in the digital signage hospitality industry...
Using digital signage for infotainment (12/28/2012) - Digital signage for infotainment are a great marketing and advertising tool for your business or organisation.
News, digital signage Communication Digital signage contact lenses a possibility? (1/12/2013) - Digital signage technology - What if the future of DOOH advertising involves contact lenses? Read this post to learn more.
News, digital signage Communication Mitsubishi Electric installs Japan’s largest digital signage system (1/14/2013) - On behalf of the entire Signbox team, we’d like to congratulate our SE Asia Partner, Mitsubishi Electric, on the recent installation of Japan’s largest digital signage system at Narita International Airport. The magnificent signage system includes a Panorama Vision, an organic light-emitting display (OLED) screen consisting of 2,000 96mm x 96mm OLED […]
McDonald’s uses gesture-controlled DOOH solution (1/16/2013) - Students were selected through a very competitive three-tier interview process in order to gain a place on the internship. The program allows students from the Singapore’s top universities to experience a real-world working environment in a fast paced software company.
Honouring fallen U.S. soldiers with digital signage Honouring fallen U.S. soldiers with digital signage (2/20/2013) - As DOOH media is becoming more popular in Asia and around the world, we are seeing increasingly creative applications.
Corporate Digital signage for the financial services industry (2/27/2013) - Digital signage for banks. DOOH media is becoming one of the easiest ways for the financial services industry to interact with its customers.
OCBC - Financial Using digital signage to overcome today’s challenges in the financial industry (2/27/2013) - Digital signage in finance can help banks and other financial institutions meet the challenges of today’s marketplace.
News, digital signage Communication The role of “the cloud” in digital signage (3/3/2013) - The Role Of Cloud Digital Signage. Most digital signage solutions have effectively moved into the cloud. Find out what that means and how...
Digital signage trends in 2013 (3/15/2013) - This page is dedicated to the digital signage trends in 2013. To read more, click the link below and let us know your thoughts.
Point of Sale (POS) digital signage (3/21/2013) - If you’ve been to a retail outlet recently, chances are you’ve seen a digital signage display at the till. You may not have consciously noticed it, because DOOH has quickly become an accepted part of our visual landscape, but it likely influenced your shopping experience at the time. Point of […]
News, digital signage Communication Visit Signbox at Digital Signage World Asia (3/28/2013) - Signbox Microsystems, a leading Asian digital signage solution provider, today announced it will be displaying its digital signage solutions at the third annual Digital Signage World Asia exhibition (DSWA) with partner Advantech.
Live from Digital Signage World Asia 2013 (4/25/2013) - Day 1 of Digital Signage World Asia was a huge success, with partners, customers and prospects alike all showing huge interest!
Modernizing the cinema experience with Intel (5/5/2013) - Last month, we partnered with Intel to work on a digital signage solution for Golden Village Cinemas. The new digital signage system combines Signbox’s leading digital signage software with an Intel Atom processor and Intel OPS technology. It replaces traditional, out-dated movie collaterals, like paper posters, plastic box office and […]
Vending machines get a digital signage update (5/31/2013) - The humble vending machine has been given a digital signage makeover! Most of us would have to admit that the traditional-style vending machines aren’t terribly exciting, often fading into the background until you’re looking for one. Now, beverage companies are looking at ways to draw more customers to their vending […]
Digital Signage Modules: Where Technology Meets Versatility Digital Signage Modules: Where Technology Meets Versatility (6/9/2013) - Digital signage modules are add-ons that provide extra functionality to your standard digital platform. To learn more, read this post!
Google Glasses and what it could mean for digital advertising (7/4/2013) - Have you heard of Google Glasses yet? They’re a new type of augmented reality eyewear created by Google, which are set to transform the world of marketing and advertising. The glasses being promoted as a “wearable computer”, attached to the frame of your eyeglasses with a small screen in one […]
TREND ALERT: Table-top Digital Signage (7/13/2013) - Traditionally, the placement of digital signage screens has been high-up, in our direct line of vision. Unlike static forms of media, like billboards and posters, these digital signage displays engage customers and passersby with their movement and colourful content. But over the last few months, we’ve started to notice an […]
Why You Shouldn’t Use “Free” Digital Signage Signbox meets Leap Motion (7/23/2013) - Signbox Microsystems today announced a mutual distribution agreement with Integrated Retail, a leading retail automation software service provider in India and Asia Pacific regions. Integrated Retail’s mission is to deliver value in the form of dynamic & scalable Retail Point of Sale (POS) solutions to retailers at an affordable price.
News, digital signage Communication How to boost office productivity with an interactive touchscreen (7/24/2013) - The business world is always a quickly evolving place. With Corporate offices holding a multitude of different people from top executives to facilities management staff, this is definitely true. The population of corporate offices are educated and tech-savvy, always wanting to be at the forefront of technology. IDS (Interactive Digital […]
News, digital signage Communication 10 Digital Signage FAQs (7/27/2013) - This page is dedicated to Signbox Microsystem's answer to digital signage FAQs that always get asked. Read more to find out!
News, digital signage Communication Imagination not Innovation (10/2/2013) - The Signbox team have learned a lot about Channel Partners in the last number of years whilst moving from a direct sales channel to an indirect one, and it brings us great happiness to tell you that we have not completed a project in the past 18 months without the involvement of a Signbox Channel Partner to some capacity. Here are a few steps which we have found to be crucial for getting a Channel Partner up and running.
News, digital signage Communication Getting a Channel Partner Up and Running (11/21/2013) - Key Points in Shaping Content for Digital Signage
Displays of Affection in the Digital (Sign)Age (2/11/2014) - Kiiin LLP, partners of Parkway Health Group, teamed up with Signbox to deliver stunning visual graphics across new digital signage systems. These include standalone interactive kiosks, video walls and single screen set ups. The remotely controlled (link to saas information here) system allows Mount Elizabeth staff to manage their systems from either of their hospitals and wherever they may be in the world.
4k digital signage 4K Digital Signage: Breaking Out in 2014 (3/6/2014) - 4K digital signage is ready to take off in 2014 with LED display panel prices declining and CPU performance increasing.
arena digital signage Sports Facilities and Arenas Get Major Upgrades with Digital Signage (3/18/2014) - Signbox Microsystems can offer arena digital signage as leading provider based in Singapore. If you have any questions regarding arena...
Digital signage for shopping malls Examples of Digital Signage for Pedestrians (12/15/2015) - This post explores Signbox Microsystems approach to digital signage for pedestrians in Singapore but also all over the world.
Digital Signage Integration 4 Reasons Why Digital Signage is a Wise Investment (12/15/2016) - Better understand digital signage return on investment. Here are four of the top reasons why investing in digital signage is a smart move.
Digital Signage Software Before You Invest in Digital Signage Software, Read This (1/16/2017) - Before you Invest in digital signage software you must be aware of the following. One of the benefits of investing is that you can implement digital signage into your operations can quickly transform your organisation. However, before you make the leap and purchase your digital signage software, avoid making these […]
cloud based digital signage The Case for Cloud Based Digital Signage Software (2/14/2017) - We think the case for Cloud computing and particularly for Cloud based digital signage software is clear. We hope you'll agree!
digital signage engagement Do This For Great Digital Signage Engagement! (10/6/2018) - Attention is as good as gold in the modern world, this is true when it comes to digital signage engagement. You really need to grab attention.
cinema screen American Cinema Screen Projects (8/5/2021) - Signbox recently expanded into cinema screen projects and Stacks software in the United States of America. This was Signbox’s first project...
signage industry Digital Signage Industry Outlook (9/8/2021) - Signbox Microsystems is excited by recent reports surrounding the digital signage industry. Currently, the digital signage market has been valued at US$31.5 billion. The market is projected to grow by $6.71 billion by 2025. The biggest reason for this expected increase is the growing e-commerce market.  The report also highlighted that […]
Cloud-Based Digital Signage Cloud-Based Digital Signage Benefits (1/10/2023) - Discover how cloud-based digital signage can save you money, increase security, and simplify management. Learn the advantages of this powerful technology today!