We know that digital signage content needs to be punchy and concise in order for it to have immediate impact and engage consumers, especially in areas with limited dwell time. But how can you augment this with more detailed, additional information? You may want to look into “going social”, by including social media content in your digital signage campaigns.

Many businesses now run a social media marketing campaign alongside their digital signage marketing. Using this approach could add an extra dimension to your digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, as social networks can be used to provide online product information, links to blog posts, coupon codes and other marketing information. This just isn’t possible with digital signage content alone.

Social media is a great way to create an online presence, while establishing trust and relationships with customers. In fact, social media marketing is now considered an essential part of any businesses online communications strategy.  Digital signage can become a gateway for customers who want to access further information and connect with companies online via their PCs and smart phones.

So how do you use social media in your digital signs? The simplest way is to include a URL (or QR Code) that links through to your social media pages. However, to really reap the benefits of “going social”, you should consider implementing a real-time feed in your digital signs. What this means is that anytime your Facebook page or Twitter account is updated, the new content will be featured on your screens. You could also choose to feature social media content produced by other users – for example, you could have a real-time Twitter feed of comments mentioning your business. Or you could use YouTube to play your most recent videos.

Including social media in your digital signs will also help you grow the number of online followers your business has. It provides you with the opportunity to build long-term relationships that far surpass the initial moment of the customer seeing your sign. To learn more about digital signage social media contact us.

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