If you’ve been to a retail outlet recently, chances are you’ve seen a digital signage display at the till. You may not have consciously noticed it, because DOOH has quickly become an accepted part of our visual landscape, but it likely influenced your shopping experience at the time. Point of Sale (POS) digital signage is an extremely powerful marketing tool for retailers, and it is quickly growing in popularity.

As the name implies, POS digital signage enables businesses to promote or advertise right at the point of purchase. It’s the perfect place and time to influence a customer’s purchasing behaviour. Does your customer know about your Buy One, Get One Free sale? And are they aware that you have a Loyalty Rewards program? A POS digital screen is a great way to let them know. They are directly in people’s line of sight, in an area with frequently high dwell times (as customers wait in line to be served). This all makes for highly visible screens that are very likely to attract attention.

Digital signage at the point of sale is also a great way to build on your existing in-store advertising. And the best thing is that it’s easily updated. Have you run out of those shoes in green? At the click of a button, you can remove that particular advertisement from your screens.

In stores with multiple departments, each POS digital screen can include different promotions relevant to that department’s products/services. For example, customers at the cosmetic department’s till could receive information about the newest waterproof eyeliner, or get offered a free in-store makeover, whereas the clothing department counter could feature on-screen offers about a store card with 0% interest for 12 months.

POS digital signage is quickly becoming the latest trend in improving the in-store shopping experience, in an attempt to enable brick-and-mortar retailers to compete with their online counterparts. For example, in the UK, the National Lottery advertises at the checkout of convenience stores where scratch cards and lotto tickets are sold, asking customers: “Are you the lucky £63.8 million winner?”

Of course, point-of-sale digital signage isn’t just for retailers. Businesses in the financial sector can also use this kind of setup at their counters to advertise their services. In fact, as long as the content is strategic and relevant, POS digital signage can be applied to almost any industry and prove to be a huge success.

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