Digital signage communication is becoming increasingly important. Have you noticed something that has been going on in the modern age? Have you noticed how everything everywhere is trending toward cutting edge technology? The truth is, digital is here and it is here to stay. The new technology available to businesses and individuals has truly changed the landscape of this world, and it is a change that most of us feel is for the better. Let’s talk about businesses. In today’s world, the digital revolution has changed the way that companies can advertise, communicate and provide a better customer experience. Have you noticed how many digital signs you will see just driving down the road? Digital signage has provided an advantage to businesses that is unlike anything seen in the past in the business world.

The History of Signage

Consider first how signage has changed through the years. Since the dark ages, businesses have been advertising themselves with some sort of signage. Whether it was a hand carved sign in front of an inn hundreds of years ago or a neon lit sign in front of a restaurant five years ago, these signs have provided a way of letting customers know that the business does exist and that it is waiting for their patronage.

However, for all of those years, all the signage could do was recognise that the business was available to customers. Sometimes, signage could be made to provide information about the business, but it had to be at least semi permanent. It certainly could not be updated on a regular basis unless it was written on a chalkboard or handwritten on a piece of paper. A handwritten sign certainly does not pronounce “professional” by any means.

It has only been in the last few years that digital signage came about and it has been even more recent that dynamic digital signage became available. However, with the creation of this signage, the whole landscape of business has changed.

Digital Signage Communication – The Revolution

We have all seen revolutions on the communication front in the past two decades. There was a time not that long ago when the only telephones were those that plugged into a wall and a computer was a massive machine that took up whole rooms and was only available for government projects. It seems that each piece of technology is a revolution, from cellular phones that will fit in a pocket to Internet ready laptops that can draw from cell phone signals to provide Internet. Truly, the revolutions in communication keep coming.

For the business world, one of the most prominent revolutions in communication would definitely be the digital signage. Now, signage is no longer about pronouncing one thing. It is about pronouncing constant, up to the date information that can be a big help to both the business and the customer.

Think about it. Can you imagine not just being able to let a customer know that you are a business, but being able to provide a whole range of information to that customer? Can you imagine how delighted your customers will be when they can garner truly helpful details about your business, about the world and even about the weather just by glancing at the dynamic digital signage that you have available?

Real Examples of Digital Signage Communication

Here are a few real life examples of how digital signage has truly revolutionized business communications. There is a whole variety of ways that a digital sign can be used for a business, so do not think they are limited to these examples by any means. These are just a couple of the ways that this signage could work.

Consider the resort or resort hotel. When people visit a resort, they want to feel as if they are being treated with personal attention and they want to feel like they are truly valued customers. Resorts are always trying to find ways to make this happen, but it can be hard to recognize each new person when they come in. It would be hard to do that before the inception of dynamic digital signage that is. Now, digital signage can be used with social networking sites like Facebook and Foursquare. A resort could easily set up the digital sign to recognize each time someone checks into the resort on one of these social networking sites. Then, the signage could be set up to display a welcome message to that person. That is the kind of personal attention that people like to receive!

Then, consider the sports bar. Everyone knows that the main reason people will visit such a location is to have a fun and exciting place to relax and enjoy the games. However, it is often hard for every single game to be displayed in the bar. After all, during the height of football and basketball seasons, there are quite a few games going on all at one time. With the help of dynamic digital signage, there is a solution to this problem. The signage could display the current sports scores across every type of sport. It can even include dynamic up to the date information on score changes or events happening in different games. While the customers may not be able to watch every single game, they will be able to keep tabs on what is going on with each of them.

In the past two decades, there have been so many revolutions in communication; it is hard to keep up with them all. However, in the business world, most likely one of the most noticeable and important revolutions would be dynamic digital signage. Through this signage, a business can change the very landscape of the information that they can provide to existing customers and potential customers. Through this signage, it is not just about displaying the name of a business. It is about providing helpful details, up to date information and much more. If a business wants to say ahead of the game in today’s world, then they need to realise that digital signage is here, and it is here to stay.

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