Signbox Microsystems is excited by recent reports surrounding the digital signage industry. Currently, the digital signage market has been valued at US$31.5 billion. The market is projected to grow by $6.71 billion by 2025. The biggest reason for this expected increase is the growing e-commerce market. 

The report also highlighted that 37% of this industry growth will stem from Asian-Pacific countries such as China and Japan. The digital signage market particularly, is projected to grow significantly in this region. 
Areas of concern however, is the incorrect implementation of digital signage as well as cybersecurity issues. Like the market growth, these problems will likely increase in the future. Fortunately for Signbox customers, our state of the art solution, Stacks, is well designed and prepared to mitigate any cyber attacks or software issues.

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On the content creation and distribution side, the strategy continues to be effective in reaching a large audience base. It is also predicted that the strategy will encourage traditionally resistant companies to adopt digital marketing via signage, particularly across the corporate and hospitality industries. Digital signage helps companies decrease their long-term operational costs by reducing the use of paper for advertising and frequent damages associated with traditional marketing activities. 

Notably, transparent LED screens are expected to emerge as the fastest-growing segment over the next five years. The screens offer high resolution and a transparency level beyond 80%. Moreover, they are energy efficient, thus reducing energy consumption and optimizing the overhead expenditure of users. All these factors are anticipated to push demand for transparent LED screens over the coming years.


Overall, the digital signage industry is projected to increase and expand its capabilities. Signbox Microsystems looks forward to the future and to providing more customers with great products.

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