Partnering with Signbox Microsystems has many advantages. Some of which are listed below!

Secure Digital Signage

Signbox software utilises state-of-the art banking grade encryption for secure digital signage.  All server commands are encrypted using 256bit TLS just like your bank. Communications between our server and players is even more secure requiring 2048bit public key/private key handshake before communications commence using 256bit TLS.  Live traffic analysis is performed to prevent brute force attacks. All actions, including failed password attempts, are stored in an audit log that can not be deleted.

Market Leading Support

Digital Signage Support Capabilities. Signbox Microsystems understands that no matter how good the product, after-sales service is going to be required at some point in time. Which is why Signbox customers receive both on-site and off-site digital signage support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Complete Digital Sign Customisation

Signbox can deliver on your unique digital signage customisation requirements. With it’s team of Singapore based programmers, Signbox is prepared to make the customisations that are needed to make a digital signage system work for your business. To learn more, make sure you keep on reading this page. 

Latest Signbox Modules

The Signbox suite of modules are designed to add extra functionality to a Signbox digital signage system. Modules are regularly released in congruence with feedback received from digital signage users and the availability of new technologies. Some of the Signbox modules are industry specific – the signCine module is perfect for customers wanting to setup a digital signage network in their cinema venue. Other modules are designed to add extra benefit to a digital signage system no matter what industry it is being used in, for example one module allows live TV streaming onto the digital signage screens. 

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