News FacebookSignbox Microsystems has now released its first social networking add-on module. 

Using Signbox signFB, a single screen in a public area can be dedicated to the company’s Facebook page.  Alternatively, the company Facebook page could be displayed throughout the entire corporate signage network, worldwide.  Typically, companies display information like their address, links and corporate logo on their Facebook pages.  An added benefit is that customers, clients and visitors can see their own wall posts appearing on the digital displays as they add them to Facebook. This add-on will likely have the following affects: 

  1. Increased visibility and reach: Online networking allows you to connect with a wider audience and to reach people and organizations that you might not otherwise have been able to connect with.

  2. Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships: Online networking can provide opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other individuals and organizations who share your interests or goals.

  3. Information sharing and learning: Online networking allows you to access and share information and resources with others who have similar interests or expertise, which can help you learn and grow.

  4. Professional development: Online networking can provide opportunities for professional development, such as attending webinars or online workshops, or participating in online communities where you can share ideas and best practices.

  5. Marketing and branding: Online networking can help you promote your personal brand or business by allowing you to connect with potential customers or clients and to showcase your expertise or products.

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