The humble vending machine has been given a digital signage makeover! Most of us would have to admit that the traditional-style vending machines aren’t terribly exciting, often fading into the background until you’re looking for one. Now, beverage companies are looking at ways to draw more customers to their vending machines by adding digital signage displays, interactive touch screens and engaging content. In other words, vending machines are finally being catapulted firmly into the 21st Century!

DOOH technology is a great tool for snack & beverage companies to increase the revenue from vending machines, and can be used in several different ways. Some companies have begun to combine vending machines with interactive kiosks that support cashless purchases. These provide users with a more convenient and engaging experience than the traditional-style vending machine. Other vending machines now feature digital touch screens that provide more details about products and enable customers to access nutritional information. Digital signage can also be used to advertise specific brands and products, and feature specials or promotions.

So how exactly can you use digital signage in vending machines? Well, most of the time, the glass front of a machine can double as the digital signage display, with embedded images and video. Consumers can still see the products for sale, because the dynamic graphics are translucent. A digital screen can also be built in to other parts of the machine – for example, above the coin slot.

The good thing about digital signage is that it allows flexibility to target the content for a variety of customer demographics in specific locations. In other words, two vending machines may be part of the same digital signage network, but display very different content based on their locations: machine #1 may be located outside an ice rink and promote hot drinks, while machine #2 in a shopping mall and may advertise cold bottles of soft drink (because we all know shopping makes you thirsty!).

If you already own vending machines and don’t want to invest in purchasing new ones, it may be possible to retrofit them with digital screens. We recommend you contact a digital signage expert to discuss your specific requirements.

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