You will find that our digital signage hardware is just one way in which we are helping businesses achieve their goals in Australia.

Digital Signage Hardware in Australia

At Signbox Microsystems, we are helping our clients in Australia achieve their marketing and advertising goals by providing high-quality digital signage hardware offering improved usage and display options. Not only does our digital signage hardware allow you to display your ads as much or as little as needed, you will also enjoy the option to plug in your product at more than one location. Our popular signage solutions include:

Digital Signage Displays – Our signage displays are a great solution for your business if you would benefit from a product that offers an “always-on” option. Our displays provide an extended life and commercial-grade screens, so your advertisements will have high-quality visibility for as many or as few hours as you require. Compared to traditional consumer models, you will notice a difference upon first use.

OPS Players – Our OPS players are one of our premier signage solutions. With a successful deployment to a major new cinema complex in Singapore, this product is also now available in Australia. Our OPS players allow users to simply connect directly to the LAN without the need for expensive video extenders or extended cords to reach a specific location. Enjoy hours of play with greater mobility at your business locations.

You will find that our hardware is just one way in which we are helping businesses achieve their goals when it comes to advertising and marketing campaigns. Our digital signage products are perfect for a variety of settings, and our comprehensive services truly help you reach your target audience while staying on the cutting edge.

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