We have developed security solutions for the financial services sector to protect private data.

Nowhere does information change more rapidly or dramatically than in the financial services digital signage sector. Keeping bank customers and employees up-to-date is not just a challenge; it’s an industry requirement. That is why our SignCloud platform can be managed from a single internet-connected device from any location, whether it be a financial capital like Singapore or anywhere else around the world.

Watching high-definition images and video messages that are current, relevant or even entertaining will enhance a customer’s perception of their surroundings and lead to a more positive overall experience. This means the customer is more likely to return and to recommend the financial service centre to family, friends, colleagues and customers.

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Advantages of Digital Signage For Financial Services

  • Security
  • Grouping
  • Library storage
  • User accessibility
  • Playlist content

Breakfast in Sydney, lunch in Singapore, customers in San Francisco…

Financial institutions and banks often have branches scattered around the globe. At Signbox Microsystems, our digital signage networks can be managed from a single internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. In addition, messages can be tailored and directed to different screens at different times, even within the same signage network, so the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Is It Safe?

Keeping corporate and client information confidential is a critical responsibility in the financial services sector. We have developed security solutions for digital signage to protect private data, and that software is now running on the primary banking network for one of our clients. It is regularly tested and approved by our banking client’s web application security checklist.

Live Data Feeds
Live Data Feeds
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