Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ for Signbox Microsystems. Below are some common questions and answers highlighted by our valued customers.

What is SignCloud?

A: SignCloud is an advanced digital signage platform for building dynamic sequences of multimedia.

How is Signbox different to other digital signage softwares?

A : Signbox has a best in class solution for digital signage requirements. You can remotely control hundreds of screens, around the world, simultaneously. The software, SignCloud also allows dynamic conditions, which is the ability to set content to play based on ‘conditions’. Conditions can incorporate the date, time, geographic location, weather conditions or any custom data added to the system. SignCloud is also very user friendly, meaning anyone can update content whenever they like.

Can I see what is showing on my screen live?

A: Yes. You can send a command via SignCloud to take a screenshot and send to the computer/phone of what is currently playing on the screen. Please note, only selected players are able to do this.

How do I change the orientation to fit the screen?

A: First, you will need to exit the DS Loader app. Next, go under the Settings > Display > Screen Orientation > select the correct orientation.

How do I download DS Loader APK?

A: Go to the browser and type in . It will prompt a download option, click ‘okay’. Next, go under settings and allow all app permissions to DS Loader. Turn on the app and there will be a black screen with a MAC address on it. Send this MAC address to the Signbox team and we will add the screen to SignCloud and assign the screen for you.

Why is my player offline?

A: There are two options. Your player is either switched on but not connected to the internet, or, the player is physically switched off meaning there is no power or the hardware is faulty.

Can content run offline?

A: The screen can play the existing content from the cache but if the screen has been not connected to internet for more than 7 days it will notify the screen owner by showing “Signage offline” on the screen instead of content. It is recommended that the player/screen is connected to the network 24/7 as this allows constant updates from SignCloud down to the player.

What’s the best DVI cable for a high-quality digital signage install?

A : We prefer to use DVI-D Copper Cables which are designed to carry digital-only signals between the graphics card and the digital video display.  If you are trying to connect two digital-only devices devices, you should use DVI-D cables. We prefer DVI-D cables that are configured for dual link operation which feature a full set of pins for increased bandwidth. We also look for cables with thicker, 24-gauge wires which allow for super high resolution. Most consumer-grade cables only feature thinner, 28-guage wire which limits systems to lower resolutions and transmission distances of less than 5 meters.

Can Signbox support and manage SMIL screens too?

A : Yes, the Signbox software fully integrates SMIL digital signage players in the digital signage network alongside regular PC-based digital signage players.

What is a Legacy Product?

A : A legacy product is one that is no longer under active development but has yet to be fully retired. This is not an automatic designation, and when it happens, it will be publicly announced through all our major channels of communication. Legacy products are no longer available for purchase, and no software defects will be fixed (including new issues) with the exception of major security concerns and defects that result in data loss. Official support for legacy products is included with a Signbox Support plan.

How does the user update their content?

A : We have dozens of video tutorials available to customers, as well as a User Manual that visualises the steps in detail. Please contact us for those video tutorials here.

What are the costs involved?

A : The cost will vary based on the number of screen and player licenses, as well as the integration required for your site or project. Please contact our sales team here!

Is it a one time fee or renewed yearly?

A : We require a yearly subscription for customers. However, it is also possible to pre-subscribe 3 or more year in advanced to ensure continuity for your team.

What kind of user experience and support do you provide?

A : Our standard support for all customers is online support Monday through Friday, 9am – 6pm (SGT), with only mobile contact on weekends for urgent requirements. On site visits are subject to maintenance package purchased.

For customers who require more support (schools, banks, etc), we offer comprehensive support packages. Please talk to one of our sales team to discuss these options.

Can I display multiple image and videos at the same time?

Yes, by using Composite items, multiple images and videos can be positioned and displayed at the same time.

Can I sync the content across multiple players?

Yes, you can. Multiple screens on the local network can be synchronised to play slots at the same time. Video walls can be configured using shared base sequences for timing.

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