No matter your requirements, we can help with your digital signage integration.

Does your business need an improved way to queue customers waiting in line or a way to track your vehicles as they run their routes? At Signbox Microsystems, we have just the solutions for your business with our digital signage integration options that make your everyday processes faster and easier.

Digital Signage Integration in Singapore

While our software is so easy to deploy that many customers choose to do it themselves, for the more complex networks and systems, our team at Signbox Microsystems can provide comprehensive digital signage integration services. Integrations include making your digital signage system talk to your venue management system in a cinema, arrivals and departures in an airport, or linking your digital signage to telemetry systems in moving buses or trains, we can help with your digital signage integration.

Examples of digital signage integrations

Our professional team pride themselves on being up-to-speed on all the latest technologies such as:

  • Geolocation and telemetry integrations for buses, trains and taxis to trigger location-based content
  • POS, RFID and loyalty card integrations to trigger personalised messages to valued customers
  • Queuing system integrations to leverage screen space and serve ads alongside queue information
  • Session time display integrations with Vista, Veezi and Radiant to show real time session times in creative ways
Digital Signage Integration in Australia

Not only will our consultation and training programs give you confidence during your digital signage integrations, but we also know that once the system is implemented, your customers and your company will begin to see the difference. The first step is simply telling us what your business needs, and we will provide the products and services that will help you reach your goals.

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