The promotional and marketing opportunities with hotel digital signage are limited only by your imagination.

Old-fashioned notice boards no longer suffice when it comes to communicating with visitors to any hospitality venue.

A hotel digital signage solution from us at Signbox Microsystems can act as a virtual concierge, telling guests of amenities and local attractions.  In-room displays promote restaurants, spas and in-house boutiques

With the use of the signEvent module, hotels can easily reserve conference rooms and venues while communicating the bookings to their customers in real time.

Hotel Digital Signage

Interact With The Customer.

Cruise ships, casinos and convention centres can utilise our interactive kiosks.  These ingenious digital devices give users access to information, event tickets and dinner reservations.

Anything Else?

Think bright lights, dynamic images and personalised messages.  The promotional and marketing opportunities with hotel signage are limited only by your imagination.  Advertise a new rewards program without the cost of printing brochures, or capture real-time news, sports and weather events via live RSS feeds with an add-on software module from us at Signbox Microsystems.

The flexibility of our hotel digital signage solutions allows messages to be sent out to an entire digital screen network, regardless of the number of screens, from a single PC.

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