The centralised deployment functions of a retail digital signage solution allow a signage network to be managed from a single PC.

From advertising new products to relaying weather and traffic alerts to customers in store, a retail digital signage solution from us at Signbox Microsystems is a dynamic and cost-effective way to get your message across.

The centralised deployment functions of SignCloud allow a sign network to be managed from a single PC. Whether you want the same information to go to every screen, or you want to tailor messages specifically to one outlet, we can accommodate your requirements. Please see a past example here.

retail digital signage

Advantages of Retail Digital Signage

  • Marketing – With clear displays in all your retail stores, marketing your brand and your products has never been easier. Tell your customers about your latest deals or a special coming up that they don’t want to miss.
  • Live Shows – What if you could supply your customers with real-time updates and broadcast shows as they shop? New York Fashion Week or the big sports tournament could be playing as your customers find the perfect products at your retail stores.
  • Urgent Information – Display a severe weather alert or an important breaking news story, as and when they happen. Our solution can capture data and update displays in real time, keeping customers informed of the things that matter.
  • Ad Placement – Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of retailer digital signage is the opportunity to sell ads to companies that know the true value of placing their brand in strategic locations. At Signbox Microsystems, we make this a possibility with our digital signage solutions for all your retail locations.

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