Our digital signage content services can help with access to news and media feeds as well as a wide variety of editorial content. As digital signage systems become more and more pervasive, viewers are starting to insist that DOOH does something more than just serve repetitive advertising. They want useful and timely information that will help them in exchange for viewing advertising chosen by the network owner.

We are finding that the most sophisticated digital out-of-home networks are allocating as much as 30-50% of their screen space to news, human interest or other editorial content provided by digital signage content services. This can take the form of playlist slots dedicated to non-advertising content, as well as screen real estate showing news tickers, stock quotes or weather.

Many of our customers are also integrating social media networks with their digital signage to leverage the content they have created and screened on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

By informing and entertaining your customers with the latest news and information, businesses can shorten the perceived wait time and boost overall customer satisfaction.

At Signbox Microsystems, our digital signage content services can help with access to news and media feeds as well as a wide variety of editorial content.

Digital Signage Content Services

Our digital signage content services include:

  • Real-time updates of current news, weather, business, sports or entertainment headlines
  • Use your existing social media feeds to leverage your digital signage system
  • The ability to vary and target messages by region, location or even brand
  • Numerous news fees to choose from
  • Human interest and editorial content from recipes, to jokes and yoga tips
  • Dedicated screen space to weather, local news or stock updates

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