Digital Signage Trends 2024

As we look ahead in 2024, the digital signage industry is poised for significant growth and transformation, marked by key trends that will shape its landscape. Below is a summary of the predictions and trends influencing our industry.

AI’s Focus on Operations

AI applications monitoring screens and verifying content accuracy are expected to enhance operational efficiency. The short-term focus lies in creating dynamic playlists, with long-term predictions suggesting AI‘s capability to dynamically generate images for digital signage displays which would save content managers time. AI will likely be able to understand, create and display personalised content with extreme accuracy.

Digital Signage Trends 2024

Employee Retention Strategy and Tools

Digital signage is set to play a central role in workplace retention strategies. Communication, recognition, and growth emerge as the three pillars of employee retention. Effective communication prevents assumptions of negative information, while fostering a sense of employer appreciation and growth to ensure employees feel part of a growing and improving team. Strategies such as video-on-demand content for professional development prove powerful for growth and retention, making digital signage more important than ever.

Digital Signage Trends 2024

Accelerated Consolidation in the Industry

Anticipate an acceleration of consolidation within the digital signage industry, mirroring historical patterns observed in the cable industry. Larger companies are expected to absorb smaller ones, particularly those with niche functionalities. The barrier to entry, similar to digital signage, is low, leading to the identification of scalable solutions and the subsequent acquisition of smaller players by industry giants.

User-Sourced Content and Community Building

Another trend for 2024 will be the empowerment of employees/customers in the content creation process. With the rise of social media to modern consumers and workers, user-sourced content has gained prominence. For example, schools have promotional content with real students/teachers to reach their target audience. Digital signage is recognised not only as a communication tool but also as a means to build community and culture. Crowd-sourced and user-based content becomes critical, fostering a sense of community among employees.

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In conclusion, businesses attuned to these trends are poised for success in this dynamic industry. For more information on these trends or how Signbox Microsystems can help your business, click the link below!

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