Signbox Channel Partner Program

The Signbox Channel Partner Program offers you the solutions, training, tools and support you need to help satisfy your customers and set your company apart from the competition, delivering new and consistent revenue streams to your business.

Digital Signage Hardware in Singapore

What are the Benefits?

Benefits of Partnering with Signbox;

  • Customer Focused – The Signbox channel partner program has been designed to support you as best as possible so that the end user (your customer) is given the best product and support available
  • Product Suite – Signbox offers two products (digital signage software & queue management software) to resell which can be sold individually or together
  • Credibility – By partnering with Signbox you automatically gain respect and recognition for offering a leading digital signage software platform
  • Cost Efficient – Competitively priced, you will be confident pitching for new business whilst also gaining a substantial margin for your own business
  • Proven and reliable – Use Signbox’s marketing and sales material to demonstrate what SignServer & SignPlayer are capable of through case studies and customer references. Our case studies and experience, both of which you can lean on, are second to none in the industry
  • Easy to use and therefore easy for your customers to use – our product suite does not require training or an IT pro to manage a network, we’ve example case studies of just that
  • Flexible – Signbox works on a case by case basis to ensure we maximise all opportunities and provide the most suitable and cost efficient solution to you and your customers. We are the managers of our own destiny and we will always accommodate you to meet your corporate goals
  • Support – Signbox is a friendly team that is proud of our existing partnerships and ensures all partners are getting the level of support and backup they require, from day one. Our company is built on partnerships – they matter
  • Lead referral – Signbox will pass over any past, present or future leads and support you where necessary throughout the process
  • Marketing and Sales support – Signbox will work with you to maximise your market potential through varied marketing campaigns and provide you with relevant marketing collateral

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