Signbox resellers have been selected from among the best experts in the multimedia industry, not just in Singapore, but across Australia, the Middle East and throughout Asia. Contact us today to find out more about digital signage distributors and the Signbox reseller program.

Our resellers love the ability to distribute a world-class platform with great online support. Besides having the technical know-how to assist clients in achieving the maximum benefits from our digital signage solutions, our digital signage resellers provide a comprehensive back-up service, delivering peace of mind as well as industry-leading products. With the support provided by the Signbox distribution network, our customers can count on unrivalled 24/7 technical assistance.


Sovis Pte Ltd provides professional audio visual entertainment solutions to both the retail and domestic market within Singapore. Read here for more information about our partnership.

digital signage distributors

Specialty Theatre Supplies is Australia’s largest independent supplier of theatre equipment to the out of home entertainment sector. They continue to actively sell the Signbox Product suite and have been a long term and successful partner with us. We are aiming at expanding digital signage distributors in Australia through the industry.


Avolution Inc is one of the Philippines’ leading digital signage solution companies. After partnering with Signbox for many years, they have won a fleet of large customers, serving a range of industries from telecom giants, to out-of-home advertisers and everyone in between.


ConnectNZ is a leading supplier of technology solutions based in New Zealand. With 32 years of experience and a diverse range of products and services, they have the technical knowledge and experience to deploy Signbox solutions effectively.

digital signage distributors

Integrated Retail is a leading retail automation software service provider in India and Asia-Pacific regions. Their expertise in Point of Sale (POS) software allows them to make the most of Signbox solutions in retail.

digital signage distributors

Specialty Cinema is one of our closest partners, joining to become digital signage resellers with Signbox across the Asia-Pacific region. Specialty are experts in everything cinema, providing services ranging from design to service.

digital signage distributors

ESCO Pte Ltd is a key audio-visual solutions provider based in Singapore, with whom Signbox works closely. Their strong position in the industry enables them to sell Signbox solutions for a range of applications.

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