There’s not much doubt that the future of technology is in ultra high definition or 4K (or better).  Companies are now looking to 4K digital signage to bring their brands to the next level.  For now, it takes quite a bit of process to fully appreciate and utilize the beauty of 4K digital signage as the Ultra HD native content must be captured with a 4K-capable camera, compressed in 60fps with H.265 encoding and decoding and shown on 4K-capable displays. Even so, the stunning and lifelike video quality alone is worth it. Though not everyone can make that solid move towards 4K players just yet, most have kept their eye on it and have started to spec out UHD to make sure they have that toe in the door.  The wise course for now would be to ensure that there are plans to be able to support 4K content in all your digital signage roll outs.

4k digital signage

Signbox Microsystems is leading the way in 4K digital signage.  The company works with technology from Advantech with embedded PC using AMD Radeon™ E6760 embedded discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) to deliver exceptional graphics and enable a superior multimedia experience.

AMD Eyefinity technology is a unique feature of AMD graphics that gives more visual real estate to view large scale models and multiple application at the same time in a single, large workspace. It is a solution developed by AMD that can operate up to six high-resolution displays of a single graphics card simultaneously and independently, flexibly configured in various combinations of landscape and portrait orientations.

Partnering AMD Eyefinity technology with the top performance features of SignManager allows you to utilise all of your displays in a multitude of different ways. We’ve unique 4 screen content rolled out across our customers venues in 3 continents, as well as UHD video walls that can be interactive as well. To be honest, the limitations of this system is normally your imagination.

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