Digital Signage Technology. What if the future of DOOH advertising involves contact lenses that beam the computer graphics directly to people’s eyes? Believe it or not, but this high tech solution is now in its rudimentary stages, with the first prototypes already being developed. According to a Belgian scientist, the sci-fi technology used in movies like Rainbows End and Minority Reportcould soon become a reality…

Belgian scientist Professor Herbert De Smet from Ghent University has been developing contact lenses that can overlay and replace what the eye would normally see with computer graphics. So far, they are capable of displaying simple symbols such as dollar signs. His next goal is to get them to display text. If he can achieve this, it means that the lenses will be able to show images and even video. According to Professor De Smet, practical applications for the contact lenses could be only a few years away.

De Smet is adamant that this isn’t the stuff of science fiction. There is real potential for creating contact lenses that have the same picture quality and level of detail as any television screen. Getting directions, receiving text messages and linking the contact lenses to people’s smartphones are all very real possibilities. This has a lot of important implications for digital advertising. Businesses and advertisers are constantly working on ways to make their DOOH campaigns more visible and engaging, but what if the advertisements appeared right in front of people’s eyes? We already have personalised targeted advertising for mobile devices and online, so we can expect to see the same with these futuristic contact lenses… one day!

We’ll have to keep an ‘eye’ on this technology over the next few years. Digital contact lenses could work hand in hand with existing digital signage displays and it will be interesting to see the kind of DOOH software that will integrate the two. The technology still has a way to go, but there’s no doubt that the future of digital signage will be an interesting one.

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