A little creativity is the best way to get messages of love across the world.  In the age of digital signage valentine, I think it’s easier to spread positivity–to inspire and touch others, even as we all go about our daily routines.

Take notice of Dove, who asked commuters (an average of 350,000 people a day!) at London’s Victoria station: “Who is the most beautiful woman in your life?  What makes you feel beautiful?  What puts a smile on your face?“  Starting February 13th and ending on the 19th, a different question was displayed on large format screens beside the train schedules.  It also featured answers from the public by live streaming the activity on Dove’s different social media platforms and text responses.

To further the interactivity and engagement, Dove also delighted the commuters with small gifts that were relevant to the day’s question.  On Valentine’s day itself, they were presented with white tulips to give to the women who light up their lives.

Another brilliant example was Coca-Cola’s small world machine, which were set up inside malls in Lahore City, Pakistan and New Delhi City, India last March 2013.  These two neighboring countries have suffered a strained relationship with each other due to decades of political tensions.  The Indians and the Pakistani, being so near each other, have many common interests and similarities in culture, but one of Coca-Cola’s interviewees had described the divided situation aptly: “They’re near us, but we have no access to them.  It’s sad.  Because together, I think we can do wonders.”

With the small world machines, Coca-Cola was able to bridge this gap in their own way.  Vending machines set up in separate cities invited people to make a friend in India or Pakistan by completing a friendly task together before getting a Coke.  The interaction would often begin by touching palms at the same time on the machines.  Either side could wave, dance or trace a peace sign together.  The machines were outfitted with eye-level cameras to achieve

It was truly inspiring to watch these two different communities interact in obvious delight with each other.

American inventor Dean Kamen once said, “Everybody has to be able to participate in a future that they want to live for.  That’s what technology can do.”  I see all this as a gift of our time–and with a little imagination, it’s amazing where and to whom it can take us.  It’s up to the present generation to use technology in shaping and influencing a positive future. To learn more about digital signage valentine ideas contact us today.
*Images from Coca-Cola and Dove

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