Coca Cola Digital Signage

If you want to know what the future could hold for DOOH campaigns, the global soft drink giant Coca-Cola has pulled out all the stops to launch a truly spectacular digital advertising campaign. Of course, the brand has an astronomical budget to play with, but their South Korean kiosk campaign is inspiringly original none the less.

In September this year, Coco-Cola South Korea released a YouTube video showing clips of this unusual DOOH campaign. The video went viral and was viewed worldwide. Now that’s what we call great marketing!

In short, the digital kiosk features the boy band 2PM (they’re huge in South Korea!), who shout out at passersby from the multi-screen video wall. What’s so unusual about that then? Well, what happens next can’t fail to make people smile, as they are invited to copy the boy band’s dance moves. If they can keep up with 2PM, the reward is a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola at the end.

The secret to the success of this DOOH campaign is the blending of the physical and digital to create a genuinely fun experience that people really enjoy. If content is king – music, dancing and a soft drink to top it all off has got to be one of the ultimate winning combinations!

This is just one of the ways that the company builds ‘brand love’, and this clever combination of a kiosk, vending machine, juke box and a motion sensitive interactive dance game is part of Coca-Cola’s international “Open Happiness” campaign.  This initiative was launched in 2009, and the integrated campaign includes print, music, mobile, digital elements and social media. However, more importantly, it’s based on the whole concept that the idea of “happiness” is something universal that you can export to any country and culture. This simple, all encompassing idea can be conveyed in many imaginative ways, and what could be more appealing to consumers than happiness?

What we can take away from this is the fact that Coca-Cola’s interactive kiosk is successful for a number of reasons. It taps into a visceral human emotion and invites people to interact and take part in something fun. It’s also an integrated part of a much larger, long running campaign that the company is running across all channels. To learn more about coca cola digital signage contact us. 

Some helpful thoughts for those planning their next DOOH campaign!

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