Last month, we partnered with Intel to work on a digital signage solution for Golden Village Cinemas.

The new digital signage system combines Signbox’s leading digital signage software with an Intel Atom processor and Intel OPS technology. It replaces traditional, out-dated movie collaterals, like paper posters, plastic box office and candy bar signage, and text lights that were previously used to attract customers to the cinemas.

The challenges for Golden Village

Earlier this year, City Square Mall, introduced a new “You Run the Cinema” theme. In order to meet this theme’s requirements, Golden Village’s signage system required a comprehensive makeover. The old system, which used a PC, involved lots of cabling and faced challenging maintenance and repairs. Signbox was brought in to implement a new, modern digital signage system with minimal wiring and maximum scalability.

Finding solutions

The first step was to find screen technology that would best fit the new theme at City Square Mall and would help Golden Village engage with its customers. We opted for HD screens that would be able to showcase the latest Hollywood blockbusters in full definition.

We also needed a solution that could keep cord clutter to a minimum, reducing ongoing maintenance and costs. Golden Village required a scalable solution that would work in real-time and this is where Intel’s Atom processor and OPS technology became vital.

Once we had found the appropriate digital signage solution, we needed to consider where to place each screen to maximize advertising and marketing potential. Finally, the installation of the digital signage system had to be simple enough to ensure that any future upgrades would be inexpensive and easy to make.


With the new system in place, Golden Village Cinemas has been able to increase their ticket sales, decrease costs, engage customers and meet City Square Mall’s requirements.

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