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What is the Signbox Channel Partner Program?


The Signbox Channel Partner Program is geared to help our partners offer the best products, services and support to their customers. Our focus is on selecting channel partners who will add value to the overall customer experience and help maximise the functionality and benefits that Signbox’s products offer.



We recognize that our growth is dependent on fostering strong partnerships with successful channel partners globally. The Program enables our partners to penetrate new markets, grow their business with existing customers, and become proficient in Signbox’s market leading products.


The Signbox Channel Partner Program gives partners direct access to the Signbox product suite and all sales, support and training material for each. Signbox CPP is set to maximise the opportunities each partner comes across and offer substantial rewards once converted. 


The Signbox Channel Partner Program offers you the solutions, training, tools and support you need to help satisfy your customers and set your company apart from the competition.




Types of Signbox Channel Partners


Sales (VARs)

Signbox partners whose core focus is to sell Signbox software licences.



Signbox partners whose core focus is to work with end users and other Signbox partners in order to provide content for a network.



Signbox partners who offer a slice of the pie which makes up a network. These would include hardware companies, screen manufacturers and third party software companies which add value to the overall solution.

Click here for examples of our existing technology partners.




What products are offered in the program?


As a partner you are able to resell the full Signbox suite of products, from SignPlayer and SignServer, through to our large range of modular add ons, including signEye, signFacebook and the incredibly popular signCampaign.


Each of these can be sold on their own or as a full suite which can be managed from a central location. This gives each partner a much more diverse platform to work with, therefore maximising the market opportunities and allowing you to cross-sell to customers who had otherwise reached the end of their sales cycle.



See our partner benefits page here for more information.

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